What is Davao City Outreach?

I sat down next to three kids, and soon a mob formed!

I sat down next to three kids at a public school, and within a few minutes, my audience grew to 15!

We are John and Gina Allcott. We moved to Davao City, Philippines from the USA in August of 2013.
Our mission:
–We are making disciples, teaching them to be passionate about the Great Commission.
–We are serving poor children by meeting their physical needs, which often leads to opportunities to meet their parents’ spiritual needs.
–We are using the training I received from four years of serving with Pathways To Global Understanding, as well as Kairos missions training, to prepare Filipinos for the harvest field. This will facilitate sending Filipinos into other nations. Filipinos can get into places and have impact in places where Westerners cannot. This training will also be a great blessing to Filipinos who are called to reach tribal peoples within the Philippines.
Also, I have witnessed the fact that many Filipinos are attracted to “Kanos” (Americans). I get doors opened to me simply because I’m American. I’m taking advantage of this by pointing them to King Jesus.
Additionally, there are many students and businessmen in Davao who are from many Asian nations. Davao is on an island in which real Christianity is a minority religion. We want to reach all kinds of people for our Lord.
To contribute to this mission, please go to http://ripeforharvest.org/?page_id=27 and ensure you assign the gift to Davao City Outreach. Thanks!
Please pray to the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers into his harvest!

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